D.I.Y. Animal planters


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I feel like mine was too short as always. I went thrift shopping this weekend and got some awesome steals I am pretty excited about and can’t wait to share with everyone once I fix them up!

During Christmas time while I was scouring the internet for Christmas gift ideas I came across these cool dinosaur planters on Etsy. Aren’t they cute?! I thought they would be great gifts for the teachers and my fellow office dwellers desks in my life. I also thought this would be a pretty easy D.I.Y. So off I went to locate supplies.

What you will need to make planters:

  • Plastic animals
  • Exact o knife
  • Needle
  • Spray paint (Any colors you fancy)
  • Clear coat of spray paint
  • Potting soil
  • Succulents 

I was going to do just dinosaurs but when I went to the store I located other types of animals. In my excitement to do this project I think I might of gotten I little carried away because I ended up leaving with A LOT of too be planters. 


Once you have your to be planters you want to start out by cutting a whole in the top of your animals/dinosaurs with your X acto  knife. Make sure you make a big enough hole for the plant you are going to use. And now here is my sharp object WARNING: Make sure you are very careful with the X acto knife. The plastic on the dinosaurs was much softer and easier to cut than the other animals.

Next you want to take your needle and poke a few holes in the bottom of your planters for water to be able to drain out. If your planter slants downwards you will want to make the holes towards the bottom where the water with most likely collect.


Now it is time to grab your spray paint! I did about 3 coats until I liked the coverage constancy. There are a lot of bumps and crevices so you are going to have to spray paint from different angels to make sure you get the planter fully covered. 


Once you are happy with the color you are going to want to spray a clear coat over your planters to protect it from the soil, water, and handling it.

Now that you have waited very patiently for your planter to dry you are ready to add the soil and succulents.



Make sure you fill the planters fully with soil while leaving enough room for your plant.

And wallah, you now have a new friend for your desk or house or wherever you choose to keep them. Don’t forget to give your friend some water!



I now have my Etsy store up! Where you can locate some of these planters if you don’t have time to make one yourself. You can check it out at YellowBirdOddities




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