Tissue Paper Garland

Today was an exciting day! I went to my first ever bridal expo. Man, I am overwhelmed. Good thing I went to a bridal expo in AZ and I have plans to get married in CA. Hehe. If this didn’t make me realize I need to hop aboard the planning train I don’t know what will. After the expo Alan and I had to stop and refuel and look through some of our goodies. Fingers crossed we win some of the raffles we entered.


Enough wedding talk. Let’s get to what you are really here for! My promised tissue paper garland!

What you will need:


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper (a pack in each color you choose)
  • Thread

I have to say that I cheated a little with this one. For our engagement party I made a tissue paper fringe backdrop for photos that looked something like this but with way more colors.


This is the aftermath of pulling it off the board it was attached to.


However if you do not have at issue paper photo booth board hanging around your house you will need to cut out some strips for the garland! If you are opening a new pack of tissue paper. I would keep the sheets together and cut about half an inch strips across the your tissue paper.


when you have about 12-14 strips in your pile you are going to want to gentle fold them over so you can find the middle


Ounce you have found the middle open the strips back up and twist where the middle is.


Grab your thread and place the tissue paper that you are working with over the thread. Fold in the middle of the tissue paper where you just made your twist and twist it together. Place some glue form your glue gun where you just made your twist to make it stay in place, Then repeat for as long as you want your garland to be.

Here is what mine ended up looking like.


Here is it all together with the birthday sign I showed you yesterday.


This would be a great decoration to any party or a photo booth backdrop. And the fun with making your own banner is that you can make it say anything your creative brain can come up with.

What would you want your banner to say?




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