D.I.Y. Love Ring


One of my favorite pieces of jewelry are rings! They are simple, you can just put them on and go. Not like bracelets, don’t get me wrong I like bracelets also but I feel like I put them on, get to work and I have to take them off again because they are just clacking on the keyboard. So anyhow, back to rings. I am also really into the above the knuckle ring right now. You could say I love it (pun intended). I only have a few knuckle rings in my collection and it was making me sad so I figured I needed to change that and add a few. I decided to do a tutorial for the love ring. I will also post some pictures of some of the others I made to give you more inspiration on your ring making journey.


  • Jewelry Wire (I used gauge 22)
  • Pliers

First you want to cut off a piece of wire long enough to make your ring.


Then form the wire around the finger you plan to wear it on to get the sizing. You only want to wrap it around half way.


Now you can start to form the letters love. You can either write love in cursive on a piece of paper to help you form the word or you can just wing it. I choose to just wing it.  Use your pliers to help you form the letters.



Once you have completed with the e in love you can take the remaining wire and wrap it around the the other end. If you have too much excess you can just cut it off with the pliers.

Now you have a new stylish ring!


I got a little excited with the ring making and here are some of the others I made. Which one is your favorite? What kind of designs are you planing on making?



♥ Jenny ♥


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