Happy Friendship Day!

You're weird I like that

Happy International Friendship Day Everyone! Did you know that was today? Well now you do. So take a break from our crazy awesome lives and schedules and go grab a coffee with a friend, call one that lives out of state, or send one a virtual hug! It will totally make their day. ❤

As I get older I realize how much more important it is to work on the relationships of the special people you have chosen to keep by your side and call your friends. When I was in my 20’s being a good friend or best friend was very different to in my 30’s now. In my 20’s it seemed a lot easier. Priorities were different, families were not had yet, we would hang out all the time, late nights, talks about nothing that meant everything, talks about boys we liked or ones that had broken our hearts, mischievous stunts you wouldn’t dare get caught doing now a days. I can’t help but look back on these days and smile. The times were great and the memories will last forever.

As I crept into my late 20’s early 30’s relationships started to get more serious, actually careers started happening, babies started being born. Pretty much life happened and everyone’s schedules filed up and there was not as much time for random hang outs anymore. Dates had to be planned weeks out to when you both have some free time. Oh the inevitable getting older and being a grown up….le sigh. But even though all of my friends and I each have our own different aspects of our lives going on we still find time to get together. It takes some more effort and planning but it is totally worth it. We may not see or talk to each other as often but when we do it is that much more meaningful. I feel very lucky to have such a great group of wonderful supportive friends in my life. They are kind of like the missing puzzle pieces to my life. They make everything complete.

So go celebrate your friends today!

Warm & Fuzzies



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